Misanthropy Apotheosis | interview


We had the pleasure of interviewing a band representing, at least for me, the Hellenic death metal named Misanthropy Apotheosis which has been around for three years since 2017 with a full length album “Black Death Euphoria” and a recent EP “Against your Filthy Kind”. We’re talking about pure death metal sound and brutal vocals that are definitely captivating.

Interview with Panagiotis Kydoimos

Good evening. Give us some information about how the band was started.

Misanthropy Apotheosis was created in August 2017 by Kydoimos (Humanity Zero, ex-Intentional Manslaughter, ex-Chamber Of Horrors) on vocals and Dimon’s Night (Humanity Zero, Inhibitions, Horrorography, ex-Dementia, ex-Buried Emotion, ex -Heathedom etc.) on guitars, bass and drums in order to highlight the animal side of human nature. Almost immediately we started working on the material that would be our debut album. About a year later, on August 15, 2018, this material was released under the title “Black Death Euphoria” and was well received. There was a period of silence on our part and now we are back with our new EP “Against Your Filthy Kind”.

So you both have significant experience in the field through your previous participations in other bands. Your work though so far does highlight the elements you wanted to pass on. I heard the recently released EP “Against your Filthy Kind”. Personally, I really liked it and I would like you to tell us about the time it took to complete and who is responsible for the composition.

“Against Your Filthy Kind” was composed during the period May-July 2019. The recordings and mastering took place in August of the same year. I edit the lyrics of the compositions and Dimon’s Night the music. From there on, there are discussions about the orchestrations and the structure of the songs in general, until we come to their final form.

Is the production yours? Where was the recording and mastering done?

Yes, the production is ours. The recordings and mastering were done at Dimons Studios in Athens and were edited by Dimon’s Night who did an excellent job. I think that the whole sound effect justifies us, since this is the sound that we think fits the compositions of EP… heavy, dark, unadorned.

I will agree with you, the listener immediately receives the harsh and impressive sound. Does the band’s name as well as the title of EP refer to a hatred, a pessimism perhaps for the human race? Tell us about your inspiration regarding the lyrics.

So Apotheosis of Misanthropy… The name of the band has a double meaning: on one hand it expresses our aversion to the human species that we treat with sarcasm. Human nonsense has always repelled us. On the other hand, it reveals the state and quality of human nature… Hypocrisy, hatred, vanity, stupidity, death, spiritual and moral withering… The list is huge. We are animals and we work on instincts. This is shown by human actions, no matter how hard we try to deny it. If there was no fear of punishment by law, we would have killed each other. Aristotle once taught that man, when he strays from the law and uses the greatest weapon given to him by nature, that is, logic, to harm and not to benefit, becomes the worst of all animals. Take a look around… What do you see? So our lyrics are a mirror of humanity without decorative filters. Pure ugliness and morbidity, which is why “Against Your Filthy Kind”.

Take a look around… What do you see? So our lyrics are a mirror of humanity without decorative filters. Pure ugliness and morbidity, which is why “Against Your Filthy Kind”

Panagiotis Kydoimos

Unfortunately, the decline of the human race continues, as you have rightly pointed out. The ancient philosophers gave us many weapons that if we used them we would reach higher spiritual levels. What are your influences regarding your sound? I see a clear death metal sound with a hint of black.

Our influences come from the whole range of death metal, mainly from the period 1987-1995. However, we are not interested in reproducing the sound of that time, because it would be inappropriate as we want to create something of our own, nor to join a school, European, American or Swedish. Our style and sound are an amalgam of sound stimuli that we have received over the years as listeners who have experienced and continue to experience the philosophy of death metal.

A classic question now as we have had a hard time in recent months due to the pandemic. How much did this affect you creatively and if there was any lyrical influence?

On a lyrical or creative level in general, it did not touch us at all.

Since the EP is a forerunner, what are your plans for the full length album? Is it in the works, do you have ready-made material?

We are currently working on new material that, from what things show, will be heavier and sicklier. Nothing is done in advance, in the sense that there is no deadline. It’s all about inspiration and stimuli. We will talk through our work when we have something to say and we will say it in our own way.

How difficult or easy is it for a person to manage all the instruments of the band?

It depends on how much you love and really experience what you are doing. Is it just fun for you or is it a way of externalizing emotions?

Obviously for such a musical range there is a plethora of rich emotions that seek a way out. Have you done any appearances with other bands? Does it exist as an idea in your minds for the future and what are your thoughts on the future of concerts and live shows in general on the world music scene?

We have never appeared live and this is not in our immediate plans. But you never know what the future holds. As for the future of concerts in our country and in the world in general, I believe that gradually things will return to normal. The issue of pandemics and quarantine will be deflated at some point; perhaps until something else appears.

I believe we are all waiting for the regularity of concerts and festivals, we have really missed them. Let’s hope nothing else will get in the way of the world’s biggest means of expression, music. Besides, I’m sure your audience would like to see you live at some point in the near future.  In conclusion I would like to thank you for your time and very comprehensive answers. I wish you good luck with your EP “Against your Filthy Kind”, as well as every success in your next steps.

We thank you in return for the time you offered and so we were able to talk about our work.



Christina Lelentzi

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