Melodeath Alliance 2020 – Rise & Fall (OFFICIAL LOCKDOWN VIDEO)

#melodeathalliance2020 #melodicdeathmetal

Congratulations to the lads for this bold venture.

Music & chorus lyrics by Elias Elias


Verse 1: Sara Leitão, José Guardado, Giuseppe Di Giorgio, François Tissot, Panos Leakos.
Verse 2: Ethereal Lars, Kostas Lolis, Ross King, Daniel R. Flys, Ethan Tziokas/Christos Mitros.

Drums by Dino George Stamoglou
Bass by D’wayne Murray (Atavistia)
Keyboards by Krzysztof Wiedeński (Αether)
Solos by Samuel Becerra, James Pratt, Jaime Torres, Olivier Alexandre Girard, Tasos Bebes, Michał Miluśki, Dalton Meaden, Steven Ouzo/Alex Soult.

Mixed & Mastered by Afonso Aguiar (Titanforged Productions)
Video Edited by Joël Martins (Titanforged Productions)

Digital Single.

2020 has been a real struggle. COVID-19 happened and for months the world has been in lockdown.

This is a song for YOU the supporters, fans, friends, family, people that have been there for all of us artists and supported us in those challenging times.

Without YOU, there’d be no US!

Thank you!

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