The Spirit Cabinet⛧Bloodlines | review

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Erich Vilsmeier | Bass
Cromwell Fleedwood | Drums
Johnny Hällström | Guitars
Snake McRuffkin | Vocals

  1. Devils In The Details 05:55
  2. In Antique Vortex 08:21
  3. Satan The Healer 07:57
  4. The Medium In The Mask 09:51
  5. Subtle Art Of Sleep Paralysis 06:26
  6. The Celestial Intelligencer 08:17
    Total: 46:47

The Spirit Cabinet (

The Spirit Cabinet – A heavy doom metal band from The Netherlands


Razor | Announce “Armed And Dangerous” & “Live! Osaka Saikou 大阪最” Digital & Physical Reissues

Armed & Dangerous tracklisting:

“The End”
“Killer Instinct”
“Hot Metal”
“Armed And Dangerous”
“Take This Torch”
“Ball And Chain”
“Fast And Loud”
“Ball And Chain” (Demo)
“Hot Metal” (Demo)
“Take This Torch” (Demo)
“Killer Instinct” (Demo)
“Fast And Loud” (Demo)
“Armed And Dangerous” (Demo)

Live! Osaka Saikou 大阪 tracklisting:

“Instant Death” (Live)
“Iron Hammer” (Live)
“Violent Restitution” (Live)
“Tear Me To Pieces” (Live)
“Parricide” (Live)
“Behind Bars” (Live)
“Speed Merchants” (Live)
“Nowhere Fast” (Live)
“Cross Me Fool” (Live)
“Concussion” (Live)
“Stabbed In The Back” (Live)
“Shotgun Justice” (Live)
“Electric Torture” (Live)
“Brass Knuckles” (Live)
“Soldier Of Fortune” (Live)
“Take This Torch” (Live)
“Evil Invaders” (Live)
“The Pugilist” (Live)