Cryptic Shift⛧Visitations From Enceladus | review

#crypticshift #techthrashdeathmetal

Xander Bradley | Vocals, Guitars, Plasma
John Riley | Fretless bass
Ryan Sheperson | Drums
Joe Bradley | Guitars

  1. Moonbelt Immolator 25:57
    I Detached From The Xenoverse
    II Skirmish Above HD 10180 h
    III Interstellar Lands
    IV Black Ore
    V Lair Of The Time-Ghouls
    VI Progeny Echoes
  2. (Petrified In The) Hypogean Gaol 07:21
  3. The Arctic Chasm 07:47
  4. Planetary Hypnosis 05:30
    Total: 46:35


Ancient Burial⛧Beyond The Watchtowers | review

#ancientburial #blackmetal

  1. Intro + Nighthunt 06:20
  2. Wolferian Woods Of Belial 04:20
  3. Into The Land Of Death 03:17
  4. Ritualistic Trinity of Evil 05:56
  5. Dark Path Disciples 02:46
  6. Hunger For Desecration 06:03
  7. Eclipse De Almas 09:11
    Total: 37:53


Hegemony⛧Enthroned by Persecution | review

#hegemony #deathmetal

Primordial Dominator | Bass

Barbaric Progenitor | Guitar

Ruination Wielder | Drums

Fanatical Deathtitan | Vocals

  1. Exalted March To Decimation 05:50
  2. Rise In Turmoil 03:53
  3. Halter Of Bloodlines 03:53
  4. Driven By Hedonistic Vice 04:21
  5. Strength And Impurity 02:30
  6. Fist Of Heretical Triumph 03:49
  7. Desecration Paradigm 03:38
  8. Ruination Sacrifice 04:39
    Total: 32:33


Cirith Ungol🕸Forever Black | video review

#cirithungol #heavymetal

Tim Baker | Vocals
Greg Lindstrom | Guitar
Robert Garven | Drums
Jim Barraza | Guitar
Jarvis Leatherby | Bass

  1. The Call 01:04
  2. Legions Arise 03:19
  3. The Frost Monstreme 05:15
  4. The Fire Divine 03:51
  5. Stormbringer 05:58
  6. Fractus Promissum 04:08
  7. Nightmare 05:59
  8. Before Tomorrow 03:57
  9. Forever Black 05:34
    Total: 39:05


Trident | interview

#trident #blackmetal

Deathblack metal from Sweden

interview | Defiler

Defiler welcome to Metaller. Congratulations for your new album, it is a blast. The Swedish black metal scene needs releases like this nowadays, when back in the mid 90’s you were sweeping and dominating the whole world. Do you think this feeling will come back?

Thank you! We feel truly honored for all the good reviews and positive feedback we’ve gotten since the release. If we were to chase any feeling it would be just this, that people appreciate the things we create in a similar way as the pride we feel over its completion. In a way the golden age of this genre has passed, but with fans still hungry for more, we can only hope that we exceed the ecstasy of our past conquers.

Which band do you miss from these days?

There was a lot of good metal being produced back then, some are still active and others either choose to leave their mark unaltered or were forced to end with many losses to the world of music. With a most humble respect to all the greats of this golden age, I must say that I miss Ace, Quorthon and his work with Bathory the most. His music still inspires me to this day.

Let’s go to the all fresh and new “North” album. What are your emotions about it? Do you believe that everything you’ve done for this album sounds rewarding?

It has been a journey with many ups and downs… We wanted to record something that we ourselves enjoy listening to, and in the process get a good well needed creative release. And ultimately the whole band is very proud of what we managed to give creatively to this piece. So I would say yes, extremely rewarding on so many levels.

Ten years have passed since the release of “World Destruction” and five from the “Shadows” EP. Were the songs of “North” written during all these years or are they relatively recent compositions?

Some songs were already in the making since “World Destruction” or even earlier, either as previously unused riffs and Ideas or as almost complete songs that didn’t fit at the time or just needed some fine tuning. The years after the release of “Shadows” was when the songs truly started to take their current form.

The whole band is very proud of what we managed to give creatively to this piece.


What are some striking differences between the new album and your debut?

Well, since there has been a shift of bandmembers, and every artist has their way of performing the general vibe has been altered a little. Small changes in theme and the overall sound but definitely noticeable. But mostly I must say it’s the quality of production in the sound, still raw but with new spectra of nuance and depth.

When I, and not only me, first saw the stunning cover its colors brought me to mind of Bathory’s “Blood On Ice”. Tell us more about it, as well and some things about the lyrical concept of the album?

Excellent work from Juanjo Castellano, extremely talented artist in my opinion.
There is definitely some homage made both with the sound and the visual appearance, to a certain era of extreme metal including the cover art styles of Bathory and Dissection etc. The art is however meant to summarizes the overall feeling we as a band felt from the music we wrote to this album, so parts of lyrics and concepts were sent to the artist to give a general idea of what to create. And it came out greater than we could’ve imagined. The lyrics of the “North” album is a journey inwards, many of the songs describe themes from folklore and ancient Magick practiced by the people of the north. But north as a place in the lyrics is not as much a physical place you can visit, but the concept of a far off realm where our forefathers sent illness and demons away from the sick and burdened so that it would not find its way back to haunt the host again.

What have you gained and what you lost or missing during the pandemic?

We haven’t really gained that much except for some time perhaps, but we miss a lot of things… Most importantly it would be our inability to perform the new album live. Being able to tour abroad and meet our fans is how a release is supposed to be, and now we’re stuck waiting for changes in the state of the world. It’s frustrating but temporary, it’ll all pass eventually one way or another.

Tell us few things about the songwriting process, the recordings, the new members?

We’ve had the same lineup since the “Shadows” release with the exception of our new bass player BloodLord. He was our previous sound engineer in the studio on both the “Shadows” EP and “North” album, and we are thrilled to having him aboard as a full time member of the band. The songwriting progress differs from song to song but usually starts with some guitar riffs composed by Reaper. Which then Ulv and Svart put their personal touch to with additional riffs (sometimes also the bass), melodic guitars and percussions. The lyrics are written by Defiler who listens to and follows the musical writing progress during rehearsals.

What’s the next step for Trident? It’s been a great promotional job till now and fans/press has totally embraced the new album.

Yeah, our fans and our label Non Serviam Records has treated us very well, cheers guys. We have plans to play some live shows and tours, almost all of it on hold though but since there is a lot of planning to be done we want to be ready for it when the state of the Pandemic changes. Write new material, now is the perfect time to get productive and write more music. And if it all goes as planned, we will be releasing another album sooner than it took between our last releases.

End credits?

Thanks for having us. Be sure to take a listen to the “North” album if you haven’t already, check out the lyrics videos for “North” and “Death” posted on YouTube, the complete album can be found on Spotify, or even better order your own physical copy to the collection. Stay strong, stay true, and we’ll meet further up along the twisted road.


Cloven Hoof⚜️Age Of Steel | review

#clovenhoof #heavymetal

George Call – Vocals
Ash Baker – Guitars (lead)
Chris Coss – Guitars (rhythm), Vocals (backing)
Lee Payne – Bass, Vocals (backing)
Mark Bristow – Drums

  1. Bathory 05:43
  2. Alderley Edge 06:33
  3. Apathy 04:19
  4. Touch Τhe Rainbow 04:40
  5. Bedlam 04:58
  6. Ascension 05:05
  7. Gods Οf War 04:43
  8. Victim Οf Τhe Furies 04:27
  9. Judas 04:54
  10. Age Οf Steel 04:59
    Total: 50:21


Armnatt⛧Dense Fog | review

#armnatt #blackmetal

Tenebrous – Drums
Murmuhr – Guitars
Velnius – Vocals

  1. The Flame Of Purification 01:37
  2. Dense Fog 04:07
  3. Black Devotion 03:00
  4. Circumscribing The Circle 02:59
  5. Eternal Night 03:21
  6. As The Dark Moon Rises 00:12
  7. Vultfigures 04:27
  8. Obscure 03:02
  9. In The Catacombs 02:35
  10. Echoes From The Distant Past 00:48
    Total: 26:08