Witherfall | Releases “The Last Scar” video visualizer, reveal cover of upcoming album “Curse Of Autumn”

What could possibly be a better time of the year to dive headfirst into dark and progressive melodic metal? While the shadows of winter are creeping up upon us and the nights get longer it is the perfect time for “Curse Of Autumn”, the upcoming album from L.A.’s finest WITHERFALL that is scheduled for a release in March 2021.

The album art is once again another hand painted masterpiece by the legendary Kristian Wåhlin, the fourth painting in the WITHERFALL series.

WITHERFALL comments: “This is a nice a happy one… heavily inspired by an evening on tour in the Czech Republic. Quite possibly one of the most aggressive WITHERFALL songs and certainly a test of stamina for instrumentalists and voices. During the recording Our producer Jon Schaffer really put us to the test on getting these final takes. Both WITHERFALL and our team at Century Media felt this song would be the perfect way to introduce our latest offspring ‘Curse of Autumn’. Like any other WITHERFALL record this one is quite the storm. This is but the first gust of wind…”

Keep your eyes peeled for more info as “Curse Of Autumn” unfolds.


Joseph Michael – Vocals/Keyboards (also in Sanctuary)

Jake Dreyer – Acoustic and Electric Guitars (also in Iced Earth/Demons and Wizards)

Anthony Crawford – Bass (Chon, Shalmor, Allan Holdsworth, Justin Timberlake, Kirk Whalum…)

Marco Minnemann – Drums (The Aristocrats, Joe Satriani, Steven Wilson, Tony Levin, Jordan Rudess, Necrophagist…)

Alex Nasla – Live Keyboards






Intruder’s two albums and EP will be re-released by Lusitanian Music!

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Lusitanian Music set November 27th as release date for re-issue of two albums and EP of legendary Thrash metal band Intruder. Unfortunately not and the debut album “Live To Die”.

– “A Higher Form Of Killing”
INTRUDER is without a doubt one of the best Technical thrash metal from the 80’s. As with so many of the elite thrash albums, there’s not a bad song on the entire «A Higher Form Of Killing» album, every lead is melodic, memorable, and actually involved a technical talent. Available for the first time on digipak format including 12 pages booklet with new photos and track-by-track description by band founder and drummer John Pieroni.

– “Escape From Pain”
A fantastic playing rhythm section, fast rhythmic riffing, blazing solos, and the high pitched vocals by Jimmy Hamilton in front. The musicianship is overall on a high level. Available for the first time on digipak format including booklet with track-by-track description by band’ founder and drummer John Pieroni.

– “Psycho Savant”
«Psycho Savant» is an album full of well-written songs with great riffs, effective transitions, and commanding solos, actually ends up fitting in a bit more with its heavy exterior in the musical department. Available for the first time on digipak format including 4 pages booklet.

You can pre-order albums here – https://www.lusitanianmusic.com/store/search?controller=search&s=intruder


Accuser launches lyric video for new single, “Misled Obedience”

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On November 13th, Accuser will release their new self-titled album via Metal Blade Records. For a preview of Accuser, a lyric video for the new single, “Misled Obedience”, can be viewed at: youtu.be/a18HgtpiOY8

The first single, “Phantom Graves”, can be heard at: metalblade.com/accuser – where the record can also be pre-ordered in the following formats:

– digipak-CD (incl. bonus track)
– 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
– golden brown marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
– ivory / beige / grey marbled vinyl
– gold / black melt vinyl (Kings Road exclusive – limited to 100 copies)

Since they began flying the flag for German thrash in the 80s, Accuser have gone on to prove themselves one of the most enduring forces in global metal. With eleven full-lengths behind them, they return in 2020 with their latest masterwork: a blistering collection that captures everything that makes the band so vital, produced by longtime collaborator Martin Buchwalter (who has worked on five Accuser albums) and mastered by Dan Swanö. “You stay fresh through curiosity,” states vocalist/guitarist Frank Thoms. “Writing new songs keeps you fresh, and it is always exciting how things develop and how the listener reacts to them afterwards. This process never gets boring. It is always exciting and invites you to try new things.” The result is a dynamic album that is very much rooted in thrash, but still takes the listener through various moods and styles, further cementing Accuser‘s status as leaders, not followers.

The return of lead guitarist René Schütz to the band’s ranks – who appeared on multiple Accuser records prior to 2011 – only served to up the ante on Accuser“We are very, very happy to have him back in the band, and as you will be able to hear, his leads are definitely over the top. From my perspective, he is one of the very, very few thrash metal guitarists who are able to combine technique and feeling in a proper way.” With writing for the new record commencing as soon as 2018’s The Mastery was completed, Thoms pushed himself until he was in “100% concentration mode”, knowing he is on the right path when he forgets his daily routine and normal life falls away. With no structure or plan envisaged, the songs came together naturally, as they always have. “The Accuser sound is in our DNA, and at the end of the day, it is our own blend of thrash metal. To be honest, that’s what I like best during the process of making a record, seeing how the music develops and how the album is taking shape.” The shape Accuser took is definitely versatile, and perhaps sounds simpler than it actually is. “We managed to make well thought-out songs sound simple. Crazy things don’t seem like a disturbance or a foreign body. In addition, we have inconspicuously processed various genres of metal. Ultimately, we just tried to offer the essence of the band, the groove from ‘Repent‘ (1992), the riffs in the veins of ‘Who Dominates Who‘ (1989), plus structures that could be found on the first album ‘The Conviction‘ (1987) and stylistics that could be from ‘Reflections‘ (1994) or ‘Taken By The Throat‘ (1995) – everything put together in catchy songs.”

The combination of these elements that shout back to earlier Accuser releases – without repeating or copying themselves – alongside the return of Schütz, led Thoms to believe this album must be called Accuser“.

Accuser track-listing
1. Misled Obedience
2. Phantom Graves
3. Temple of All
4. Lux in Tenebris
5. Be None the Wiser
6. Rethink
7. Psychocision
8. Contamination
9. The Eliminator
10. Seven Lives
11. A Cycle’s End

Accuser line-up:
Frank Thoms – vocals/guitars
René Schütz – guitars
Frank Kimpel – bass
Olli Fechner – drums

Accuser online:

Melodeath Alliance 2020 – Rise & Fall (OFFICIAL LOCKDOWN VIDEO)

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Congratulations to the lads for this bold venture.

Music & chorus lyrics by Elias Elias


Verse 1: Sara Leitão, José Guardado, Giuseppe Di Giorgio, François Tissot, Panos Leakos.
Verse 2: Ethereal Lars, Kostas Lolis, Ross King, Daniel R. Flys, Ethan Tziokas/Christos Mitros.

Drums by Dino George Stamoglou
Bass by D’wayne Murray (Atavistia)
Keyboards by Krzysztof Wiedeński (Αether)
Solos by Samuel Becerra, James Pratt, Jaime Torres, Olivier Alexandre Girard, Tasos Bebes, Michał Miluśki, Dalton Meaden, Steven Ouzo/Alex Soult.

Mixed & Mastered by Afonso Aguiar (Titanforged Productions)
Video Edited by Joël Martins (Titanforged Productions)

Digital Single.

2020 has been a real struggle. COVID-19 happened and for months the world has been in lockdown.

This is a song for YOU the supporters, fans, friends, family, people that have been there for all of us artists and supported us in those challenging times.

Without YOU, there’d be no US!

Thank you!

Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

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Following on from the release of their new album “Obsidian” in May, British gothic metal legends Paradise Lost has announced a special live streaming performance and alternative to bonfire night for the 5th November.

Vocalist Nick Holmes comments:

“Greetings, I hope everyone is well! 

Just a quick few words to thank everyone for the ongoing great response to our latest album, ‘Obsidian’, and to announce that as there are still no stages for us to play on, we have decided to perform live from our rehearsal studio at ‘The Mill’ In Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

The stream is due to be aired on 5th November at 20:00 GMT via Stageit.com. We sincerely hope you can all join us in a brief respite from these dark days!

Thank you,


This one time live event will feature a regular set from the band alongside a VIP option, which includes three extra songs plus a pre-recorded interview with the band. The regular set will include the world premiere of 2 new songs from “Obsidian“, and the VIP set will feature 3. Besides the live stream experience at 20.00 GMT, the band ‘replays’ the performance for their fans in the US at 18.00 PST. You can either purchase for the European viewing, the US viewing or buy a ticket to both.

Tickets are on sale via StageIt now:

UK/Europe Show

Regular – https://www.stageit.com/paradise_lost/paradise_lost_at_the_mill_uk_show/90015

VIP – https://www.stageit.com/paradise_lost/paradise_lost_at_the_mill_vip_ticket_uk_show/90016

US Show (Replay)

Regular – https://www.stageit.com/paradise_lost/paradise_lost_at_the_mill_us_show/90017

VIP – https://www.stageit.com/paradise_lost/paradise_lost_at_the_mill_vip_ticket_us_show/90018