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Melodeath Alliance 2020 – Rise & Fall (OFFICIAL LOCKDOWN VIDEO)

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Congratulations to the lads for this bold venture.

Music & chorus lyrics by Elias Elias


Verse 1: Sara Leitão, José Guardado, Giuseppe Di Giorgio, François Tissot, Panos Leakos.
Verse 2: Ethereal Lars, Kostas Lolis, Ross King, Daniel R. Flys, Ethan Tziokas/Christos Mitros.

Drums by Dino George Stamoglou
Bass by D’wayne Murray (Atavistia)
Keyboards by Krzysztof Wiedeński (Αether)
Solos by Samuel Becerra, James Pratt, Jaime Torres, Olivier Alexandre Girard, Tasos Bebes, Michał Miluśki, Dalton Meaden, Steven Ouzo/Alex Soult.

Mixed & Mastered by Afonso Aguiar (Titanforged Productions)
Video Edited by Joël Martins (Titanforged Productions)

Digital Single.

2020 has been a real struggle. COVID-19 happened and for months the world has been in lockdown.

This is a song for YOU the supporters, fans, friends, family, people that have been there for all of us artists and supported us in those challenging times.

Without YOU, there’d be no US!

Thank you!

Bythos⛧The Womb Of Zero | review

#bythos #blackmetal

M.S. | Vocals (Behexen/ex-Sargeist)
M.L. | Guitars, Bass (Behexen, Ajattara, Horna)
L.R. | Drums (Horna)

  1. Black Labyrinth 03:58
  2. When Gold Turns Into Lead 04:59
  3. Sorath The Opposer 04:18
  4. Omega Dragon 04:30
  5. Call Of The Burning Blood 04:29
  6. Hymn To Lucifer 03:06
  7. Legacy Of Naamah 05:07
  8. Destroyer Of Illusions 05:11
  9. Luciferian Dawn 06:35
    Total: 42:13

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The Wizar’d🔱Subterranean Exile | review

#thewizar’d #doommetal

Blackie | Bass
Master Of The Night | Guitars
Maniac Frodsham | Drums
Ol’ Rusty | Guitars, Vocals

  1. Subterranean Exile 04:55
  2. Wizard’s Revenge 05:59
  3. Master Of The Night 05:04
  4. Ecstatic Visions Held Within The Monastic Towe
  5. Long Live The Dead 05:58
  6. Evil In My Heart 04:30
  7. Dark Forces 07:05
    Total: 35:09

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Sölicitör🚀Spectral Devastation | review

#sölicitör #speedmetal

Amy Lee Carlson | Vocals
Matthew Vogan | Guitar
Patrick Fry | Guitar
Damon Cleary – Erickson | Bass
Johann Waymire | Drums

  1. Blood Revelations 5:01
  2. Betrayer 4:24
  3. The Red Queen 6:38
  4. Leathür Streets 4:24
  5. Night Vision 5:43
  6. Terminal Force 4:25
  7. Spectres Of War 4:24
  8. Grip Of The Fist 4:55
    Total: 39:54

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Road Warrior🚀Mach II | review

#roadwarrior #heavymetal

Denny “Denimal” Blake | Bass, Drums, Vocals
Villon | Drums
Ben Newsome | Guitars

  1. Tonights The Night 04:02
  2. Fox Devils Wild 03:17
  3. Fiends Behind The Scenes 03:24
  4. Thunder ‘N Fighting 05:48
  5. The Diamond Forge 04:55
  6. Nocturnal Arrest 04:10
  7. Wired 04:36
  8. Rest For The Wicked 06:28
    Total: 36:40

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Remember, remember, the 5th of November!

#paradiselost #livestreaming

Following on from the release of their new album “Obsidian” in May, British gothic metal legends Paradise Lost has announced a special live streaming performance and alternative to bonfire night for the 5th November.

Vocalist Nick Holmes comments:

“Greetings, I hope everyone is well! 

Just a quick few words to thank everyone for the ongoing great response to our latest album, ‘Obsidian’, and to announce that as there are still no stages for us to play on, we have decided to perform live from our rehearsal studio at ‘The Mill’ In Bradford, West Yorkshire. 

The stream is due to be aired on 5th November at 20:00 GMT via We sincerely hope you can all join us in a brief respite from these dark days!

Thank you,


This one time live event will feature a regular set from the band alongside a VIP option, which includes three extra songs plus a pre-recorded interview with the band. The regular set will include the world premiere of 2 new songs from “Obsidian“, and the VIP set will feature 3. Besides the live stream experience at 20.00 GMT, the band ‘replays’ the performance for their fans in the US at 18.00 PST. You can either purchase for the European viewing, the US viewing or buy a ticket to both.

Tickets are on sale via StageIt now:

UK/Europe Show

Regular –


US Show (Replay)

Regular –



Katatonia🦅City Burials | review

#katatonia #gothicmetal #progmetal

Anders Nyström | Bass, Keyboards
Jonas Renkse | Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Programming
Niklas Sandin | Bass
Daniel Moilanen | Drums
Roger Öjersson | Guitars

  1. Heart Set To Divide 05:29
  2. Behind The Blood 04:37
  3. Lacquer 04:42
  4. Rein 04:21
  5. The Winter Of Our Passing 03:18
  6. Vanishers 04:56
  7. City Glaciers 05:30
  8. Flicker 04:45
  9. Lachesis 01:54
  10. Neon Epitaph 04:32
  11. Untrodden 04:29
  12. Closing Of The Sky 05:24
  13. Fighters [Enter The Hunt] 03:38
    Total: 57:35

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